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How To Manage Your IT Infrastructure?

A configuration management database (CMDB) consists of all the components of an IT system so as to have an overview of the organization of said components and to be able to modify their configuration in the event of need. The CMDB is, therefore, a repository that is used to store data for IT installations and makes it possible to understand the composition of critical assets such as information systems (IS), upstream sources, or dependencies of assets as well as their targets downstream.

The implementation of a CMD requires a lot of time and turns out to be a complex operation and mobilizing a fairly substantial budget, with ROI prospects difficult to materialize if the project is not carried out well.

Thus, the implementation of a successful CMDB requires compliance with the following imperatives :

Definition of objectives from a business point of view;

Establish a reasonable project duration to measure the first positive results and ensure good integration into the daily activities of the teams.

Automate the information system

The automation of IT processes, including the Information System (IS), makes it possible to facilitate the management of the IT infrastructure in several ways. At present, almost all systems are affected by automation: software deployment, updates, startup of servers and workstations, sending of emails, automatic restart of machines for solving certain dysfunctions … Automation of IS is one of the approaches that most facilitate the management of the company’s IT infrastructure.

Some organizations still tend to think that automation necessarily leads to a reduction in the IT workforce , however, this is not the case: a survey of IT professionals and published in Baseline magazine proves the opposite. Indeed, the study in question shows that only 7% of these professionals consider automation tools to be a threat to their profession .

Thus, the automation of IT processes (including IS), eliminates repetitive and time-consuming tasks in favor of rewarding projects that show the skills of the teams. By automating the main IT processes, the company gains in efficiency by eliminating the time spent on low added value tasks of the IT teams of the company.

Standardize software and hardware

The homogenization of the company’s IT equipment makes it possible to maximize its operation but also to reduce management costs in the medium term. By standardizing computer hardware and software, you can make their management and maintenance less complex. To do this, it is necessary to correlate the needs of the employees, the objectives of the structure and the budgetary constraints to be respected.