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IT Maintenance Of Your Business

Computer systems are now an integral part of the entrepreneurial world. From the largest listed companies to the TPE, all current companies work with IT. However, it is clear that many have not yet passed the milestone of outsourcing their IT maintenance. Zoom on the many advantages of this type of service with the example of Macinwork.

Take Inventory Of Your It Equipment

One of the first things facilitated by outsourcing is the possibility of carrying out an inventory of the computer park. This involves making an “inventory” of the equipment used within the company: computers (and the corresponding operating systems), peripherals, switches, routers, IP phones, everything is counted by the IT service provider.

This allows the latter to always have a close eye on the equipment used by users. The advantage? Ensure regular renewal of the fleet, anticipate the change of positions and the possible fallout from an incident or even allow estimates of equipment replacement costs.

Keep Your Equipment Up To Date

At the start of the 21st century, everything is accelerating, and all companies must stay up to date and ensure constant technological watch. Delegating the IT maintenance of your fleet allows you to considerably improve this point. Staying on the lookout for new hardware and software is a key factor for the continuity of a company that wishes to maintain an optimal quality of work (and therefore of service).

An IT support provider in Chicago like Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) will be able to inform and guide you in the renewal of your equipment. Similarly, the implementation of the most efficient IT tools in line with your business will be a vector of success for your future projects. The advice of a professional in the sector is very important in making the right choices.

Manage All Access Rights For Your Users

Who says computer park, says security. In this case, a company with a certain number of users must operate certain measures within the network in order to best protect its professional data as well as the personal information of its employees. In this perspective, limiting certain access to users, configuring their rights on their respective workstations, setting up enterprise software in a homogeneous manner for employees are all IT maintenance operations necessary for the sustainability of a company.

Outsourcing can also offer SaaS management. This system takes the form of a “relocation” of applications and servers outside the physical enterprise: external hosting, ease of access, maintenance management without local intervention. Thanks to this service model, the company benefits from many advantages: a reduction in internal storage resulting in a saving of space (no need to have servers, cables, air conditioning, and a dedicated room), a reduction in the number of applications to install locally on the hardware.